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ATM Sales, ATM Leasing and ATM Placement
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Call/Text Toll Free: 1-877-ATM-1755

ATM Sales, ATM Leasing
and ATM Placement



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What owners need to know! The following is important information we have provided to help you before purchasing an ATM. If you read everything below before calling us, you’ll be way ahead of those that do not.

What does it take to place an ATM in my business?
If you choose our “ATM Placement Program”, as little as a dedicated phone line and ample electrical supply is all it will take to get you started. If you choose to buy or lease an ATM, it is best to contact us (either call or fill out the online form below) so that we may assess your capital needs.

How do I get paid?
The surcharge and vault funds are deposited back into your account within 48 hours during the business week. For accounting or other reasons, some customers may prefer a monthly check. It’s your choice!

Is there some way to keep track of the funds settlement?
Real-time online reporting is available upon your request.

Why do I need an ATM?
Increased revenue and increased foot traffic: increasing daily foot traffic and attracting new customer business is vital for your location’s growth. Increasing the cash flow into your business can increase your profits: insufficient funds, check fraud and point of sale credit card fees can be eliminated from your store’s activity.

How do I get started? Call or text us at our toll-free number 1.877.286.1755 or use our Online Contact Form and one of our professional staff members will assist you with your sign up process.

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