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Triton Traverse

Proud to hold the reputation for having the lowest cost of ownership in the industry,  Triton® is driven to offer products that help businesses survive in a competitive marketplace. This sleek unit is designed expressly for the retail market, with a silhouette that protects P.I.N. security. Even at the entry-level, we create the best-in-class ATMs with the highest quality and value for your investment. Our continuing efforts at innovation have made it possible for us to bring you a unit with a faster return on investment than ever before.

All  Triton® products are supported by our customer service and technical support representatives, we take your calls right in our Mississippi plant, where Triton® has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

This experience places us in the position as industry leader in supporting the latest federal and network security requirements  so you can rest assured your Traverse™ is compliant with regulations, and has the flexibility needed for updates.

Triton® ATMs support virtually all communication protocol technologies , ensuring a perfect fit in any location.

All Triton® ATMs run Windows® based operating systems to ensure future upgradeability and provide a solid platform for advertising and branding. Our ATMs communicate with the host via a protocol known as TDL. Widely accepted as the de facto industry standard, and certified by EVERY processor, the TDL platform is the backbone which supports faster processing, feature rich software functionality such as Triton Key Management (TKM), and smart controls that allow interactive customization. And, we hope you’re feeling lucky because the Traverse™ is quick-pick lottery ready!

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  • Lobby

Currency Access

  • Front


  • Powered by TDL™

Operating System

  • Microsoft® Windows® CE


  • UL291 Business Hours


  • SCDU - Single Cassette 1000 Note) includes Integrated Security Software (standard)

Dispenser Type

  • Spray


  • 8.0" (203mm) Wide Color VGA (800x480 resolution)


  • 58mm Graphics with Lead Through Indicators

Card Reader

  • Dip-Style Dip-Style EMV


  • PCI-Compliant PCI-Compliant / Metal Keys / TKM™-Capable


  • Dial Electronic Kaba® Mas Cencon 2000


  • TCP/IP, SSL, and Dial-Up Modem


  • Integrated Topper
  • High Topper
    • Viewable: 9.75w x 14.875 h x 1.875t
    • Overall: 16w x 17.375h x 1.875t
  • Mid Topper
    • Viewable: 14.875w x 4.5h x 1.875t
    • Overall: 16w x 17.375h x 1.875t


  • Multi-Lingual Support


  • Decals & Signage
  • Couponing
  • Display Graphics


  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • California Access Compliance, Title 24
  • Canadian Barrier Free Design (CBFD)
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI)

Dimensions (without topper)

  • Height - 56" (1,422mm)
  • Width - 15.4" (391mm)
  • Depth - 19.8" (503mm)


  • UL291 Business Hours - 209lbs


LCD – 8" wide color display

Printer – 58mm with graphic support

Cabinet – UL291 business hours

Shared Bolt Hole Pattern,
Allows for replacement of Triton OR Hantle, and NH products without drilling new holes..

Triton Dynamic Language (TDL),
the most universally accepted white label message  format.

Dispenser Options–
SCDU - Single Cassette 1000 Note) includes
 Integrated Security Software (standard)
HCDU - Dual Cassettes (1,700 note) includes
 Integrated Security Software (Optional)
Traverse™- No Mech Configured for SDD

Card Reader – Dip (standard) or EMV

Security & Compliance
  • PCI-compliant EPP
  • ADA compliant   
  • Triton Key Management (optional)   
  • Digitally signed software updates   
  • TCP/IP with SSL encryption
  • Manual Lock standard
  • Electronic Lock (optional)
  • Kaba® Mas Cencon 2000 Lock (optional)
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